10 Graphic Design Trends in 2019

10 Graphic Design Trends in 2019

Graphic designing is the process of the most powerful form of communication i.e. the visual communication. In this modern era, brand logos, posters and banners are considered to be the most effective way for reaching the appropriate audience. Outsourcing of graphic design services can be done for the effective marketing of the brand. Graphic design services in India is provided by some of the best companies which are some of the Graphic design company in India. It is important to understand, the changing styles and the needs of the customer to not only satisfy them but to delight them. Some of the graphic design trends are given below,

1. 3D design and typography

3D is a quite stable and a trend to stay for years. It always keeps a note of taking its viewers to an entire different world after going through its master pieces. Typography is a great trend, which takes different shapes and forms and designers will be able to take us into a whole new universe.

2. Asymmetrical layouts

These require more attention as there is always a curiosity as to where the new text or the picture would be placed; it adds a surprise element for its users.

3. Anti-gravity: Flying & floating elements

The flying and floating elements gives a feeling of liberty. When the 3D effect is mixed with the anti-gravity concept it gives a whole new work of art.

4. Vivid colors: A trip to Dreamland

A vivid color brings an overall innovative feeling and takes its viewers to an entirely different world. When mixed with the 3D technique, the work of art goes to a different level.

5. The evolution of duo-tones and gradients

Gradients look extraordinary on the mobile devices, and even make us feel homely with their eloquent colors and innovative patterns. This trend is all set to be used by the companies who will provide graphic design services in India.  Duo-tones easily fits well with other design trends. These are images which replaces the whites and the blacks with two colors in a picture. This is really helpful as it makes any image match, with a company’s branding. These may not be that popular enough but can still be put to use for making graphics.

6. Text on backgrounds

This is an old graphic design which has made its return. The text used on the background helps to align a business with its goals and provides a brand identity.

7. Fluid & liquid effect

One of the bold graphic design trends, which gets its existence from the surface of water. When this effect gets combined with the open composition the overall look becomes more fanciful and magical.

8. Metallic effect

Gold can never be out of fashion and the designs made by using it or other metallic elements, makes the work of art look expensive and trendy.

9. Open compositions

Designs are no longer bounded by frames. This trend ensures that each part of the canvas is utilized to its fullest. Websites are usually the place where this trend could be sensational and it should also involve actions such as scrolling/ clicking. It immerses deep into viewer’s imagination.

10. Isometric design

The designed pictures look eye-catching, simple and is time saving for the users to read it. It helps in the clear presentation of the terrain.

In 2019, there will be display of art in the most unique form, with a combination of all of these trends that will prove to be eye catching and above all imaginations. The Graphic design services in India have become a must for companies in India, to be competitive enough. A company should be selected keeping the needs in mind. Even outsourcing graphic designs services is a good option as you can get talented designers at affordable price. There are Graphic design company in India which even Outsource graphic design services and provides graphics which have a great visual appeal and envelopes the mission and vision of the company.

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